She Made His Life a Silent Nightmare (MGTOW)


The video today would be an absolute nightmare to live out.   This can be one of the dangers of marriage.  This man starts out by describing how this 32 year old wife doesn't 'have the time' to even give him a hug or a kiss.  

This is the danger of marriage today

Hear me out... 

Since the 'sexual liberation' of women, where women having casual sex and casual flings is openly accepted (and even encouraged) there comes a problem.

Because now women can live out the whole Alpha Seeds / Beta Needs phenomena in which a woman uses her early years of 'dating' to taste as many of the 'Alpha' men that she can.

She chases that thrill and that excitement.

And then... she 'settles' down with a Betamon provider who will financially and emotionally provide for her and her children.


So what's the problem?


Well - just like in today's video - many women are marrying the 'Beta' for security reasons (emotional and financial security).

That means she is in many cases not ATTRACTED to her husband.  She doesn't have that genuine desire that she knows she was experiencing from all of the 'Alpha' bad boys in her younger days.

So she treats her now husband as nothing other than a meat suit that provides for her.

In which case, you get treatment like the video above.

It is an absolute nightmare so make sure to watch and make sure to stay AWARE before committing yourself LEGALLY to a woman these days.



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