She is Repulsed by 'Awkward Men'


This video is a breakdown between two strangers who are playing a 'truth or dare' type of game while playing Beer Pong. We are going to breakdown the social dynamics between these two and point out where he went wrong.

Note : Think of the 'compound effect' when seeing these interactions between men and women

What I mean by that is that the average woman can go on lots of dates with lots of different men...

Just take a look at the online dating apps like Tinder or Bumble of a random woman and a random man in a city...

The woman has MULTIPLES - we are talking 5x - 10x the amount of matches and messages that an average man gets.

This means that during a 'date' or a social interaction like the video above... most women have 'honed' their social skills to a far higher degree than most men have.

The more you spend time doing something, the more familiar it gets to you.

Women spend a lot more time in this 'social' arena than the average guy - therefor we see interactions like the one in the video above.


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