She's NEVER Yours - She Belongs to The Game


We are back with the Call Her Daddy podcast girls and they are breaking down not only the truth about their 'hookup roster' - but also some of the 'cray' stories they have been through with some of their ex relationships. Get ready to listen to the 'modern liberated woman'

MOST modern women belong to 'the game'

What do I mean by that?

It means she belongs in the 'forever single' or 'forever dating' arena... not the marriage one.

That may be a shocking statement, especially for any of the old timers out there reading this, but times have changed.

Now with social media and online dating apps, MOST women grow up playing 'the game' of dating and getting really good at that 'player' lifestyle.

Even when in a relationship, the whole story of women having 'beta orbiters' always in her life is more true now than ever before

(because of how easy it is for her to stay in contact with so many men due to technology)

And since longterm relationships are hard and take commitment and effort...

Most women have a hard time shaking that old habit of that 'player' lifestyle.

And to be fair, I myself and other men have also lived similar lifestyles, but ALL women are able to explore this while FEW men ever practice that lifestyle.

This means that men need to be warned and realize that most women belong to the game - you can enjoy your time and experiences with them, but with MOST women - it's in your best interest to forget about the old traditional idea of the marriage and happily ever after.

However - when you learn the skills on how to easily and more effectively attract women of all ages and backgrounds 

(without coming off as a total creepy weirdo)

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