She Can't Escape that Single Life


It's too hard for many modern women to resist that darn CC - aka that Cock Carousel 

In today's video we are breaking down a funny little interaction watching a woman try to fill up her gas tank.

I'm going to breakdown and compare that interaction to the 'single life' and how hard it is for women to escape this C.C. these days.

The way that I relate this to the video is that many women today are choosing a lifestyle that will come back to bite them in the butt later in life.

Women that are spending their 20s and 30s sleeping around and going on casual dates and having lots of casual sex start to become addicted to that lifestyle.

They get addicted to the attention and validation - and addicted to the variety and thrill of the 'chase' of sleeping with the 'bad boys'.

So later in life when they are ready to 'settle down' they have no idea how to actually be a wife or even a long term girlfriend because all they know is that street life.


Now - relating it to the video

The two onlookers could CLEARLY see the mistake that this girl kept making.  She kept driving on the wrong side so they couldn't fill up her gas tank.

She made the same mistake over and over again - yet SHE couldn't see the mistake from her personal perspective yet all of us could.




Everyone else watching sees the bad decisions and knows she will pay for it later in life, but she cannot seem to see the problem while she is out there on that Cock Carousel.


Again - there is a reason that the fathers used to vet the 'boyfriends' or men that would date their daughter.  Because the daughter doesn't see the dangers of picking 'bad' men like the father knows and sees.


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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