Women Want Less Effort From Men | Common Texting Mistakes Men Make

Video Recap:  Women are attracted to men who put LESS effort into the texting conversations (at first) 

This one is sometimes confusing for us guys...

As men we are raised that we are supposed to 'pursue' the woman we want and keep putting effort in until she likes us.

The problem is, in the DATING stage, women are a lot more attracted to the man that they can't quite figure out.

That intrigues them.

That makes them curious about you.

That makes them WANT to figure out whether you like them or not.

When you try to pursue women and tell them your whole life story over text message, she starts to 'figure you out' and the whole attraction process loses its spark.

So... do LESS in your texting to get MORE results with women.

THEN when actually get on a date, you will have so many more things to talk about and discover about each other because you didn't spill it all through text message.

-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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