Thoughts on 'Pump and Dump' and Casual Flings


As you start to truly understand more about men and women and how different we really are, it can get hard to accept.

Part of the rule that all SANE men live by is that she is never yours, it is just your turn.

You cannot claim any ownership over a woman - even if she is your 'girlfriend' or 'wife' just understand, she is never yours.

Maybe your 'turn' will last a day, a week, or even a lifetime - but when dealing with women if you no longer provide a benefit to her life, she WILL move on.  That is just the truth.

And on this same idea... you as a man are also NEVER hers and it is just her turn.

Whatever route you personally decide to do, whether you take a break from dating, you enjoy casual flings, or you like a committed relationship, just keep your expectations in check and you can have a lot of fun with women.

Just like a roller coaster, if you know the ride is going to end eventually you can sit back, throw your hands up, and ENJOY the ride while it is happening.

And to any of you guys going with the 'casual flings' or 'pump and dump' route...

ALWAYS wear protection.



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