"Not all women are like that!" (NAWALT)


How many times have you heard "Not all women are like that!" or even in the reverse, "ALL women are like that!"? 

I'm here to explore this concept by taking us through a FDS (Female Dating Strategies) post from reddit.

First off what do we mean when we say something "NOT all women are like that?"

Well - the context of that statement always matters. 

For instance, if I were to discuss the idea of innate hypergamy inside of a woman (the idea that she is biologically going to be looking for the 'highest status' male that she thinks she can attain to protect and provide for her)  

The actual idea that all women are hypergamous IS true in my view.  So in that case I would say ALL women are hypergamous.

However - the fact that a woman may be attracted to the 'highest status' male does NOT mean she will always act on that hypergamy and try to leave her boyfriend or husband for a 'better man' if the situation presents itself.

That is where I would say that NOT all women are like that.  NOT all women will cheat if given the opportunity.

But... as you'll see in the video above- my main thoughts on the whole idea of the NAWALT or AWALT idea is that it DOESN'T matter 'if all women are like' that or not -


The problem lies in the fact that If a woman wants to abuse her power legally - she CAN.


And as we know with human nature, if you give someone absolute power, it USUALLY corrupts.

Which is why I try to help men see the TRUTH about things like the legal system and the dangers of legally committing yourself to a woman -

However - 

I genuinely enjoy my time I do spend with women... I just do not wish to LEGALLY bind myself to one.

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