Never Become Her 'Foodie' Call


In this video I am going to be covering another common scenario that todays men are facing when dating... and that is getting dinner/drinks.

These days you gotta be aware of the 'games' being played so you don't just become another one of her 'foody calls'.

Aka the men that she uses for free dinners and meals but has no sexual interest in them.

So as a reminder - USE the Superman filter with women...

Ask yourself "Would I still be doing this if this was just a guy?"

That means that if a woman is demanding you take her to a nice restaurant or fancy date just to get the chance to spend time with her, you can just pass on that.

Think about it - if a man said "If you want to hangout and talk and spend time with me, you need to take me out to a nice restaurant and pay".

Would you take him seriously?

That is how you should be thinking about dating with these modern women that are all about equality and empowered women.

And by the way - when you ACT this way with women they RESPECT you and respect your time.  


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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