"Modern Human Males Are Absolute Biological Failures" she says


Alright guys we are back at the hilarious garbage advice that is known as Female Dating Strategies on reddit.

Remember why this is important to breakdown and analyze... because FDS is a reddit sub for women and a lot of women you run into in the dating arena have THIS type of mindset.

Going over these posts will give you an idea of WHAT a lot of modern women think about men in general - but more specifically - it is what a ton of feminists women think about men.

This means when you run into a woman like this, hopefully you can handle the situation in a cool, calm, and collected way because you will understand how brainwashed she is and you can relax instead of getting caught in the heat of the moment of a debate.


Enjoy the video above - it's entertaining to hear the thoughts of these FDS goblins that call themselves women.





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