Mid 30s Woman Complains About Dating Culture Today


In today's video we have a mid 30 year old woman approaching The Wall complaining about dating culture today and what happened to the REAL men.  

This is a story we see play out over and over again.

The typical woman has an ABUNDANCE of attention from men from the time she hits puberty. 


So for most of her adult life, she is used to getting treated a special certain way from men.  She is used to getting taken out on dates, getting her drinks paid for, getting free into places because she is an attractive woman.


Once a woman starts to hit what is called 'The Wall' (typically around 30 years old but can happen sooner or later depending on a woman's lifestyle choices)

She doesn't get treated QUITE the same way as her younger self used to.

Maybe she does by some men, but she doesn't get treated as good as she used to by the men that she wants to notice her.

The 'Chad' and 'Tyrone's' or basically the 'players' of the world are chasing younger versions of this woman - so she gets upset.

She then starts to complain about dating and MEN and how there are 'no good men' left.

But in reality, the good men that used to shower her with time and attention have either moved on to new women, or moved on to doing their own thing in life.

And this can become a tough pill to swallow, but this is exactly what you are seeing in the video above.  It plays out time and time again. 

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