MGTOW - My Wife of 5 Years Ran Off


We are on MGTOW 2 reddit breaking down a post from a man that is about to be divorced.

This is a sad story - but it is important to hear and be aware of before getting yourself into a similar situation that he was in.

The first lesson to take away...

As a man in todays world, you should think VERY VERY carefully about legally committing to a woman with something like marriage.

Our society and culture promote this hedonistic lifestyle and traditional families and family values are no longer pushed in the mainstream.

Although our society and culture have changed dramatically, the archaic court systems have NOT.

Which means that IF something happens to your relationship, just like the guy in this video, it can shake up your ENTIRE life.

(Which is why I am an a big fan of just 'dating' around and hanging out with women that are pleasant to be around)

Another lesson learned is this -

If you are married and your 'wife' cheats on you (like what this guy in the video went through)

Then at that moment

At that very moment that you find out she cheated on you

You can no longer look at her as your 'wife'

Because an actual wife would NOT do that to her husband.

Sure... if you want to try to stay together to make it work for the children or divorce isn't financially smart for you as the man... I guess I understand that maybe you want to keep the marriage.

BUT - you can no longer look at her as your wife.

You need to put an asterisk by her title as 'wife'*.


Make sure to watch the full video for some of the other lessons, I just want to remind you that getting LEGALLY involved with a woman in todays day and age (as of right now) is an extremely risky situation that I personally want no part of.


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