Society Conditions Us Men to Be 'Feminine'

 Video Recap : A majority of men today grow up with a lot of 'feminine' qualities instilled in our psyche from years of social conditioning.

Think about it... if you were raised by a single mother, or your mother was the 'strong' figure in your home, or even if you grew up with a lot of female teachers in your early years... you can see how many men can grow up with some feminine habits.

On top of that... our media today has tricked society into basically hating on our masculine and natural instincts as men.

So long story short - it is not your fault if you are a man with feminine qualities up until this point in your life.

I am no exception - I had a lot of these problems in my younger years.

However - now that you understand you have been conditioned to think this way, it is now up to you to do something about it.

This audio clip was taken from a personal coaching call I had with a client and he is the type of guy who has taken action and started to work towards improving himself and his mindset.

He continues to make amazing progress and every single time we chat together I am impressed to see how much he has absorbed and grown.

But he is that rare type of guy that jumps to action when many others of us would rather sit around and complain about results.

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