Men Are the Prize (text examples)

Video Recap : A man that understands his value is a TRUE PRIZE and women will fight to spend time with a man that knows his value

Have you ever heard that us men are the ones that are supposed to chase and pursue women?

Of course you have.

We all have.

It has been conditioned into us from a young age.

But what if I told you that is BACKWARDS? What if I told you that SHE should be chasing and pursuing you to try to get a date?

Well that is exactly what I am telling you. Many of my MGTOW and RedPill brothers out there have noticed that the less you idolize women and put them on a pedestal, the more they try to get your attention.

As a man, YOU are the prize. Your time and attention are extremely valuable.

So I recommend you guard your time and attention carefully and make women earn that time and attention by being on their best behavior when they are with you.


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