Men are Born POOR, Women are Born RICH

 Video Recap : As men you need to work to develop yourself and become a high-value man.  As women you need to preserve what you are born with to be a high-value woman 

Men are born POOR... Women are born RICH...

Think about it.

As a man you must work for everything you get. You must put the time in. You must make yourself a success - no one will hand you anything as a man if you haven't worked for it.

The opposite is true for women. They are born RICH. The world is their oyster. They get handed stuff to them freely their entire early lives.

But here is where it gets interesting... As a man your world gets BETTER as you age. The world gets BETTER as you continually put the work in to progress your life.

As a woman your world gets WORSE as your age.

This video will breakdown why.



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