Is MGTOW just 'Feminism for Men'?


One of the topics I see come up around MGTOW is the wrongful assumption that MGTOW is just 'feminism for men'. I completely disagree.  And today's video will go deeper on this 'comparison' between MGTOW and feminism.

Feminism is 'pushing against' MGTOW is simply 'walking away'

There is a very different energy in those two different approaches.  Feminism is always 'pushing against'.

It is FIGHTING the patriarchy.

It is BATTLING inequality.

It is TEARING DOWN the old social norms.

MGTOW is simply... walking away.

Just deciding not to play these games set up, and instead doing your own thing.

Do you feel that difference?

That is why the absolute batsh*t crazy 'woman' in the video today is a great example to what feminism is.


It's angry.  It's bitter.  It's never satisfied.

Now to be fair, do we know some really angry and bitter MGTOW men?

Absolutely - but the philosophy itself is all about self-improvement and not looking at women or society for validation or guidelines for how to live.

Feminism is getting upset, getting up in your face, putting on an ugly little pink pussy hat and stomping around with the betamon males of this world shrieking during protests.

MGTOW is taking the corrupt marriage and family court laws into place - along with our current societal and cultural expectations about men and women - and deciding the best move is to not get legally involved with a woman in this day and age. Feminism is... well just watch the video and you can see the damage that feminism has done to todays women.


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