If You Change for Her, She Will Lose Respect for You


Depending how much experience with dating women you have, there are certain 'truths' that you become more and more aware of.

One of those things is that IF you change for a woman, she will lose respect for you.

A man that knows who he is, who is his own compass, who knows what he wants in life...

That is a man that a woman can trust to lead.  She respects that man and is willing to follow him.  

However - many women will date or marry a man HOPING he will 'change' into some fantasy she sees in her head.

And the problem becomes, IF that man does change, a part of her will lose respect for him because he changed for her.

I know I know it's all confusing stuff.

So the actual point of the video today is that when you realize some of these 'redpill' truths about women it may make you become angry, bitter, or 'jaded' towards women.

The important thing to remember is that WOMEN ARE WOMEN.

They are not good or bad.

If your mind was completely blank on the subject of women, with no preconceived ideas or rules in your mind about what to expect from them, I could feed you the 'truths' about women and it wouldn't be a big deal at all.

You would know what to expect when you get involved, and you would weigh the pros and cons logically and realistically.


We get the idea from mainstream media, from Hollywood movies, from the SitCom television shows that women are these angels.

All you need to do as a man is PURSUE HER, LOVE HER, and BE LOYAL and she will love you unconditionally.

Again - that garbage advice is the lie that you can forever be angry about...

But Women are Women

They are not bad or good




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