If She Cancels on You...do THIS (texting breakdown)


In this video I am going to be taking you through a texting conversation I had with a woman and we are going to explore what to do when a woman flakes or cancels on you.

There is definitely a wrong way and a right way to react that will not only help your own inner confidence by reacting in an emotionally neutral way, but it will also help your overall attraction to other people.


IF she cancels - it's no big deal

That is the attitude you should have - but at the very least - even if you haven't developed that attitude YET, you need to 'fake it' and play it off as no big deal.

If you get emotional or angry about how she cancelled on you, she will see you as emotionally weak, and therefor she won't respect you.  She will in fact be proud of herself for cancelling on you because now it confirmed in her mind that cancelled was indeed a good idea (because she doesn't want an emotionally weak man).


However - have a long memory


There is a different between 'playing it cool' and being a total pushover.  If a woman flakes on you, you always want to play it off cool, but at the same time, REMEMBER IT.

Because the idea is that she should see that her cancelling didn't phase you, but at the same time she needs to regret cancelling on you.  

How do you get her to regret cancelling?


You make it HARD for her to see you again.  You make her text you more often and you make her initiate getting together.

So again - you want to play it off cool but at the same time, now you should make her work harder IF you are going to make time for her again.

If she doesn't try harder this time?


She's a lost cause






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