"I Respect Women" (breakdown of SIMPS)


The Simp-Apocalypse is upon us and we need to help out as many fellow brothers out there as we can before the world because completely infected by men with absolutely no standards for the women they are dealing with.

Before you get your little girly panties in a bunch... hear me out

This video is completely dumb because it shows a bunch of men that 'respect women' simply because they are women.

That is stupid.

Trying to say that just because someone was born without a penis, it means they automatically deserve respect?

WATCH CARDI B 'WAP' AND TELL ME I NEED TO RESPECT CARDI B just because she is a woman?

Naw that is insanity.

The other problem I have with this is that respect means NOTHING in this frame 

Personally I don't like to throw the word 'respect' around unless someone has earned respect.

If we are supposed to believe that ALL women deserve to be respected, then what the heck does the word RESPECT even mean any more?

If you use it for everything it becomes watered down.

Nope - I don't play that game.

And if you as a man believe that you need to 'respect all women' just because they are women...

Then I am going to revoke whatever is left of your 'man card' and in return I will go out and buy you a cute little pink pussy hat so you can go march with your feminist allies as a 'they/them' because you no longer get to call yourself a man.


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