Hypergamy and Monkey Branching Explained


Men today need to be exposed to these redpill truths about dating and relationships...

This video above is focusing on breaking down what hypergamy is, how that affects dating and relationships, and how hypergamy affects what we call 'monkey branching'.

Monkey branching is basically the idea that if a woman meets a man that she deems higher status or could bring more value to her life than her current guy, then she will consciously or subconsciously try to get this guy in her 'orbit'.

As soon as she thinks that she can get this new guy to commit to her, that is when she may 'swing up' to grab this 'higher branch' or 'higher status guy' in her mind - leaving the old guy behind.

It is just one of the cold truths about dating and relationships.

You are now warned.


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