How to Text a Girl That Stopped Responding

Everything about the "classic" dating scene has changed.  Whether you like it or not, you will need to acquire new skills to have any shot in today's online dating market.  Keep reading for 3 techniques you can use to keep your crush messaging you back (online or texting).

3 Techniques To Spice Up Your Text Life:

1. Give them SPACE.  






The biggest mistake you can make when texting is to "scare" yourself into action.  Most people get paranoid that the person you are texting won't respond to you unless you text them again.  

And again.  And again.  And again.


You'll be amazed at how simply giving them space (yes I mean HOURS or even DAYS sometimes) will have your crush wondering,

  • "Wait, they usually text me again by now, what are they upto?" 
  • "Did they find someone else?"  
  • "Shoot... did I lose my chance?".

2. Always text with purpose.  




Sooner or later if you text just because you are 'bored', your boredom will show in your texts and soon the person on the other end will get bored of texting you.  We don't want that.  So next time you decide to text someone with, "Hey i'm bored, what's up?".  Why not think of something a little more clever, maybe, "Hey I have a quick minute before my workout, there's something I wanted to ask you."

You better believe that will initiate a response, because the key here is curiosity, it is what killed the cat, and what also made the cat text back.  Just like cats, us humans love curiosity.  

3. Turn the tables.




Now if you really have balls, try this one.  Let's say your crush never texted you back.  Turn it around on them!


Play it off like you were the one that forget to text them back.  Just send a quick...

"Hey i'm so sorry I never responded, work has been crazy busy lately.  Let's catch up soon :)"

Now if you are a little skeptical whether this will work or not, I understand.  But trust me, it does work.  The person that receives your text might be thinking,

"Umm, I thought I was the one that didn't respond?  Maybe their phone is messed up".  

Either way - it will confuse them, make them wonder, and have them curious as to what in the world is going on.

Remember - curiosity is key.



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