How to Stop Being Needy with Women

There is a common misconception among men that needs to be addressed as a total 'myth'.  

"You need to keep constantly in touch with a woman, or she will forget about you."

This mindset is absolutely false.  This short article will explain why.




Yes - she needs to hear from a man at first.  But this is where she either puts a guy into the, 'interesting' or the 'boring' category.  The men that stay in the 'interesting' category are interesting for one big reason... she can't figure him out.

But - most men go straight into the 'boring' category.  










Well she becomes bored of his predictable texts.  

She is bored of the men that constantly fight for her attention.  

SHE wants the interesting man... which is the one that only texts her with something relevant.  

He doesn't text her to 'entertain' her.  

He doesn't text her because 'he's bored'.  

No no no... you see THAT actually makes him a boring guy because she knows his life is so boring that he spend a majority of his time texting her.

That interesting guy though?  That one that she can't figure out what he is upto...

Well he wins by default because all of the other men are texting themselves into the friend zone, while she is spending her time trying to figure YOU out.  

From there it will be far easier to set up a date with her... which is the end goal right?  

Going on dates is far more fun than texting.

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