How to Pass a Woman's 'Test' Through Texting



Video Recap :

Even if a woman likes you, at SOME point she will 'test' you to see what type of a man you are


Now - 

Before you get upset with women thinking it's stupid that they test us men... realize this - most women don't actually CONSCIOUSLY know they are testing you.

It just happens -

Because as a woman, she always wants to know that she is committing herself to the right guy.  The guy that is strong enough to provide for her and a potential family
(even if she doesn't want kids, this is still part of our human nature of mate selection).

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This means that she wants to see if you can 'provide' from an emotional standpoint.  Are you emotionally strong?  Are you able to comfort yourself instead of becoming needy and relying on her?  


All of these little things can be shown through your texting patterns.


For example - if she takes 2 hours to reply to you, and you NEED to hear from her sooner, then that over time will come off as 'needy' emotionally.


So by taking your time to reply, showing her that you have a life of your own, THAT signals to her that you are a man she can trust long term to provide because you are always working on your path or your purpose as a man so she feels safe around you.

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