How to Get More Dates With Women

Getting more dates will come naturally as you start getting better at interacting with women.  It is not just by luck or by chance, dating is a skill.  

The good part is that because it is a skill, it can be learned.  

Whether you want to get more dates with women to raise your confidence in yourself, or whether you are looking to find your soulmate, it doesn't change the fact that these are the key traits that all the men that have a great spark in their relationships possess.

Oh... and getting 'good with women' does not mean learning pickup lines.  It means becoming a better version of yourself, but the desire to grow comes from your desire to attract and keep your princess.







Become More Mysterious

Men like me constantly hear women complain about (but secretly love) the fact that they never know what I am thinking.  The more mystery the better… as long as she doesn’t get the impression you are a serial killer out to get her.

Adopt a Busier Agenda 

All humans want something that we cannot have.  Or something that we have to really work for.  When you have the image of being a ‘busy’ guy, women want to spend time with you


They know that your time is hard to come by, so they want as much of it as they can.  Remember: supply and demand.  The less of your supply (free time available), the more you’ll be in demand. 








Realize The Abundance Out There

I’ll define what I mean by ‘abundance’, but this is the word that I think most clearly defines what most men/women call ‘confidence’. defines abundance as: an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.




The top factor separating the Prince from the Average Joe of this world is an abundance mindset

If you feel like you have a good amount of quality women in your life, you will naturally act in a confident manner.  On the flipside, abundance is virtually the OPPOSITE of desperate.  If you don't have women in your life (yet), start to watch movies/read books on men that DO have this life.  Study James Bond, Hank Moody (Californication), or read The Art of Seduction.  Once you realize that other men can have the life you want, then you can work towards accomplishing that. 

Become a Leader

We have all heard that women like an ‘Alpha Male’.  The reason for this is because alpha males are basically the leaders of their social group.  Leaders in every field are the most highly regarded because of their natural ability to navigate through any situation comfortably. 

You know the secretary sleeping with the CEO stereotype so often portrayed in movies and adult films?  Well there is a lot of truth to that.  Women like a man in charge… it goes back to our biological roots where the ‘alpha male’ of a tribe used to be counted on to hunt and provide food to keep the tribe alive and well.  Biologically a woman is attracted to someone possessing these qualities because that ensures her best chance of survival for herself and her children. 

As always, keep improving,


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