How to Appear Confident to Women

Confident men in today’s world are treated like kings.  The question now becomes, how do you become a confident man?  This post will show you one of the most underrated traits of a confident man: the ability to make decisions.  

This great truth is even more effective in the society we live in today... where everyday it seems there are more indecisive men than ever before.  It is a problem, some may tie this in with a major reason so many divorces occur.  Although it is sad for the race of men, it is even more devastating to the women, who now have to take on the role as the ‘decision maker’ in relationships… not their favorite thing to do.

Women will fight over a man that has inner confidence in himself.

This is a big reason many men get flaked out on before the date even happens.  Women want a man that shows confidence when making decisions.  A man that can take the stress off her having to plan the date.  When you can let her focus on getting excited for the upcoming date with you instaead of her having to worry about planning the whole thing, you will notice far less excuses about why she "can't make it" to the date anymore.


Yes it is nice.

Yes it is considerate

No - it is not attractive

Women are attracted to the Alpha Male of any group.  He is the leader of each group, the one that all the others look to for guidance on what the next move is.  Be her alpha male by making a decision on a date, and guiding her through the experience.

You have probably heard that women want a confident man.  These are the men on top of the dating food chain, where you can sit upon your throne and be treated like the king you know you truly are.  Reclaim your confidence by making decisions and sticking to them.   This will help her see you as a confident man, as well as helping you to believe in yourself.








This is the type of confident mindset women love.  
Having high-standards for how 
others will treat you.  
People will treat you exactly how you expect them to treat you.  
I expect women to treat me like a Prince (or King)... do you?

Make at least one decision today and don't question it.  It could be as simple as picking the grocery store you are shopping at today without contemplating whether it is the ‘right store’.  Just decide and go.


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