His crazy ex CHEATED then got a tattoo of him??


Just when you think you have heard it all... you realize you definitely haven't heard close to it all. Stories like these are abundant - but it doesn't change the shock factor when you realize these situations actually happen in real life.

In todays video we are going over a post from Relationship Advice on reddit.

The story here is that a 24 year old man had suspicions that his 24 year old girlfriend was cheating on him, and he confirmed it by looking through her phone.

(Side Note : I don't like people looking through each others phones... but do whatever you want)

Anyways - he ends up calling her out and long story short he wants to break up with her.

She freaks out and then gets a TATTOO of his initials on her neck to show her she loved him.


So to sum it up, the woman was acting shady, she got accused of cheating, she panicked and got a TATTOO ON HER NECK in order to mend the relationship.

Now the question for you is, what type of baggage do you think that woman will be carrying around for the rest of her life after years and years of 'dating around'?

Be aware and do not save these hoes



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