Her ENTIRE Game is Deception


Most men are constantly confused by women. 

Why is that?

Is it possible that a woman has honed this 'game' her entire life and is purposely keeping you on your toes?

This is video 2 of the series and is breaking down some concepts from the book The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar


The main takeaway from this video is how masculinity and femininity is defined

Esther Vilar brings to view the fact that 'masculinity' is something that is defined by women.  So a woman may consider a man 'masculine' upon her own standards. 

Does a masculine man mean that he is successful at work and is able to protect and provide for a family?

Does a masculine man mean that he is confident in himself so he shouldn't care about a woman's 'body count'? (or the number of sexual partners she has had).

Well... women will try to tell us men what is 'masculine' and what is not.

Here is where it gets interesting...

Esther reveals in the book that women also define 'femininity'.

You see how this great magic show for women works?  THEY are allowed to define what makes a man masculine (or even what type of masculinity is TOXIC or not)

And then THEY are also allowed to define what makes a woman feminine.  

(You didn't think that you as a man are allowed to have any expectations or standards of your own did you?  OH you silly misogynist pig - no no no that's not how this works)



In this crazy little world if you DON'T unplug from the insanity, you will catch yourself living completely for a woman or for society and what they tell you a 'man' is supposed to do.  

Women will try to tell you how to be a man.  While simultaneously not allowing any input from men in what it means to be a woman.

That is the nightmare rat race that MANY blue-pilled Betamon men have to suffer a lifetime through - without realizing you don't HAVE TO PLAY THAT GAME.

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