Her EGO Grows as Her Value DECLINES


We are back at reddit going over a post from Female Dating Strategies.  As a quick reminder Female Dating Strategies is 'dating advice' for women but in my opinion gives women terrible advice for dating.

This video will be breaking down a post that will show you how women actually PRICE THEMSELVES out of the dating market by gaining an inflated ego as they ride the CC (cock carousel) -

Here's what I mean:

The advice of FDS (Female Dating Strategies) is that women should never 'settle' to a man that doesn't meet and exceed all of your expectations.

The problem -

Women have a biological instinct known as 'hypergamy' which basically keeps a woman always focusing on finding the absolute HIGHEST status man that she can attain to protect and provide for herself and her children (past or future).

So what happens is the MORE a woman experiences dating and sleeping with lots of different men, it MESSES her internal hypergamy and basically creates an unrealistic expectation of how 1 man should treat her.

She forms this 'mega' ideal partner in her head that no one guys can possibly fulfill.

THAT is the danger of women dating and sleeping around for years and years on what we call the never-ending circle aka the Cock Carousel.

So again - women experience lots of different men in their younger years while they are 'discovering' themselves.

This creates extremely high-standards because of her internal Hypergamy.

And as a woman continues to get older, she loses value in mens eyes because she loses that youth and beauty which men are most attracted to.

This creates what I call the Curse of Hypergamy.

A woman's own self-entitlement continues to grow even as she starts approaching The Wall. The end result is her having to 'settle' in her mind for a man she doesn't respect OR her living out her remaining years single and unhappy.

Gotta love the female logic in this one.

So as men this is important to know and understand that the older a woman gets and the more experienced she gets, her expectations from men that she commits to get HIGHER.

That means be very careful who you decide to commit your time and energy to, especially if she has this jaded and entitled mindset.



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