"He treats me PERFECTLY... But I left him"


We are back at reddit but this time at a new spot... DEAD BEDROOM.

This is a tough post that really nails down a lot of the redpill truths we talk about on this website. 

This one specifically this woman wants a divorce from her husband who treats her 'perfectly'.  The classic Betamon best-friend husband doing everything 'right' and getting left in the dust.

Here is the real tough part

Watch how she spins it to justify it in her own mind.  

"He told me all the time how beautiful he thought I was,

But not enough to get the juices flowing for him I guess"


That is how she spins it on him because she can't justify any other good reason for leaving her 'perfect' Betamon husband.

The lesson is that attraction cannot be negotiated.  It can't be faked.  She can't trick herself into being attracted to this man even though he is being the 'perfect' husband.

And don't hear me wrong here...

in no way am I justifying a woman divorcing a 'perfect' husband like she is doing here

I am just being a scientist about the situation and seeing it from a neutral point of view.

That is what happened - it is the classic Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs and now she is ready to taste the 'Alpha Seeds' again.  

Except at the expense of her 'perfect' husband and the price he will now have to pay for her 'change of heart'.

This is just another reason I remind men to really think about it before committing legally to a woman in todays day and age.

Knowing these 'redpill' truths can save you BEFORE going through a crazy divorce situation like this one

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