Has The 'Traditional Woman' Vanished from Society?


Shoutout to @NollaGirl504  for this one (she used to be on Youtube - not sure if she is still posting videos) - i've only seen 2 of her videos but I have to give her credit for the sanity she is preaching in a video like this one and I like the perspective she gives.

Of course, the question now remains, has the 'traditional woman' vanished from society?

Because it sure as heck is getting harder and harder to find.

And the thing is - in todays society us as men are not 'allowed' to complain about the behavior of women.

This means that for ANY change to really happen we need more women like NollaGirl calling her fellow women out -

Because if a man does it - no one wants to hear him 'mansplain'.

And many women today are brainwashed into thinking that 'the patriarchy' is out to get them.

So... with all that being said... enjoy the SANITY of this woman NollaGirl for preaching what is really needed to be preached in todays world.


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