Don't Change For Her! (my heartbreak story)


In this video I am going to talk about a lesson I learned the hard way : Never change for her.

This video above is going to go into depth about a girl I thought was a 'unicorn' and when I changed for her, she lost interest.

I'll make this writing portion more brief though...

Let's just think completely logical about this.  If a woman is interested in you, she likes you, she is attracted to you... why would you change?

What you are doing is working, why would you change?

Now I get it - human psychology is a lot more complex than that and it is way easier SAID than done.  But it's important to start with SIMPLE LOGIC because if you boil it all down, it is simple.

Why would you change?

There are a million reasons you can tell yourself about why you would.  There are a million reasons why she would tell you that you should change.

However - the simple formula remains - she is with you for a reason - and if you CHANGE - that may no longer be the case.

This happens all of the time in professional sports... a team is up... they are dominating the whole game... the 4th quarter rolls around and they play more defensive to 'keep their lead'.

And what happens?

The other team comes back and wins.  Because they changed the winning game plan.

Which means you lose.

(Think back to the Patriots vs Falcons Super Bowl a few years back in 2017)

THAT my friends is what happens when you change for a woman.  She will subconsciously lose respect for you... BECAUSE you changed for her.  

Funny how that works but moral of the story is that as a man, you need to figure out who you are, what you stand for, and what you won't compromise for ANYONE (not even a woman).

Do this before you get yourself entangled with women because you gotta really be firm and know what you stand for so that you don't give in and change for her - and always be very aware of the situation.


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