Does Taylor Swift Hate Men? (Part 2)


In this video I am breaking down the second part of the music video "The Man" by Taylor Swift.

Remember - this is important because these types of videos influence the thoughts and minds of millions of young impressionable women.

Specifically in this second part, it shows the idea of a woman marrying a rich man just because of his money.

However - it is framed that the GOLDDIGGER woman in this clip is the one you 'feel bad' for.  While also promoting the gold digger lifestyle.

There is just so much nonsense in this propoganda that it is important to vet any woman you spend time with to figure out her mindset about how she sees things.

If she has a mindset like MOST women today that listen to Taylor Swift or the other mainstream garbage like Cardi B, that is one you want to be extremely careful of and NOT commit to.




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