Did MGTOW Predict the Coming CatPocalypse?


In todays video we are visiting Female Dating Strategies on reddit to breakdown the question that many MGTOW and redpill men talk about... Will there be a coming Cat Lady Epidemic in the near future?

Invest in cat food and cat litter companies

To be fully transparent - I myself have not invested money into cat companies - but it definitely would not be a bad idea because we know more and more men are walking away from the idea of the 'traditional marriage'.

This is leaving more and more women to live out their later years single and alone - which as a domino effect will create more women adopting 1, 2 or even 10 cats to numb the loneliness.

We examine that concept here in the video - and at the very end I briefly touch on why being a bachelor is the right move when you see ANOTHER high-status male got divorced (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian).

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