Dangers of the TradCon Chameleon (Tomi Lahren)


You may have already seen this - but I had to break it down anyway... this Is who I call TradCon Tomi and the dangers of falling for a 'tradcon' chameleon.

To start - what is a 'tradcon'?

It stands for traditional-conservative.  And the reason you need to watch out for the 'tradcon' chameleon these days is that ANY woman that is anti-feminist and/or leans traditionally conservative, that is immediately going to be a huge breathe of fresh air to you.

However - the danger is that many of these 'tradcon' women still have some deeply held feminist views or beliefs that they have soaked up from growing up in this anti-male society.

Tomi Lahren is so called 'conservative' but as you can hear with her rant in this video, these type of women can be DANGEROUS because they are going to want and expect the absolute 'traditional' man - which means the provider/protector

- BUT -

She still has these feminist ideals and points of view that will make it so YOU as the man need to play by the traditional roles, and SHE as the 'new traditional woman' can pick and choose which parts she wants to play.

That means these tradcon chameleons can often get away with "traditional rules and traditional roles for THEE but not for ME."


Be on your toes guys... be on your toes These chameleons can change colors quickly.

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