Confidence Means Letting Go of Expectations


It's a word we all hear.  

It is something that everyone would like more of.  

But how do we go about becoming 'confident'?

This post will help you see why 'letting go' will actually help you connect more with other people.  

You'll get both a tip for 'letting go' in your texting, and 'letting go' when you are going out for a night on the town.










So how do you 'let go' and make a woman in your life feel FREE?  

You remove expectations of things you can't control.

The word expectations comes from 'expect'.  When you EXPECT a certain outcome that you can't control, then you become frustrated or down on yourself if it doesn't go as 'expected'.








With texting: Let go of feeling like she NEEDS to respond.  So instead of asking her a bunch of questions, try just giving statements in your texts that she COULD respond to, but she doesn't NEED to respond to it.  That is one way to remove the expectations of needing her to text you back.

With a Night Out: Train yourself to not expect a certain outcome to happen.  For instance, instead of going out with the 'expectation' of getting a girls phone number, try this instead.

Go out with the expectation that you will go up and try starting a conversation with a woman you haven't met.

Here is the difference... if you EXPECT a phone number, then the whole time you are talking to a girl your mind will be on that mission for a phone number.  

That will take you out of the moment of actually having that fun conversation with that woman.  

So instead of expecting a phone number (which SHE can either give you or not, you have no control over that outcome) why not just change it to an expectation that you will go up and talk to a girl? 

That not only puts you in control of your goal (you can control trying to talk to a girl... you can't just easily get a phone number without her being involved and giving it to you), but it also allows you to enjoy the conversation even if you find out this girl has a boyfriend or a husband.  

If your mind was set on a phone number, and now you findout this woman is already taken, you won't get to enjoy your conversation.  So lose expectations of things you cannot control.  

As always, keep improving



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