When to Compliment Women in Texting

Video Recap: Send LESS compliments to women so that they mean MORE when you do send one 

Have you ever wanted to compliment a woman but didn't know WHEN or HOW?

As men, it is important that we rarely give out compliments when we are first getting to know a woman.

This isn't to be rude or mean, but it is so that you can save your compliments so they mean something AFTER you get to know her personality.

The idea is that most women get complimented a LOT from men they just meet.  The problem is that women want to know that a guy she is interested in likes her PERSONALITY.

She wants to know that you like more about her than just her looks.

So we want to give her compliments AFTER getting to know her, that way when you do end up complimenting her, she feels like you meant it instead of all the guys that constantly compliment her without taking the time to really get to know her so she BELIEVES you when you give her the compliment.


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince


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