"Broke Men Shouldn't Be Allowed to Date"


If modern women had their way, this whole "broke men shouldn't be allowed to date" would almost certainly be put into action immediately.

We are back at #tiktok getting to hear some women awfully close to #thewall speak about dating and what types of men should be dating.  Gotta love it - it just keeps getting more comical by the day.

Videos like this one are important to watch and understand so that you are ready to deal with the reality of what many of todays women THINK about modern dating.

The reason you have to see and understand this is because if you are unaware or ignorant of how most modern women operate today, you will get PLAYED and played hard.

The dating game has changed - and quite honestly if you are a man that wants to participate in this 'game' then you must learn to ADAPT or DIE.

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