Breaking Through Your 'Red Pill Rage'


This video is going to talk about 'red pill rage' and how to move past that.

Shoutout to Sandman (you can find him on youtube or many alternative platforms) for introducing me to the term 'red pill rage'.

The idea of 'red pill rage' is that when men first wake up to the TRUTH about female nature and the colder truths of the 'game' of dating, attraction, and relationships it can make you jaded.

It can make you angry because you realize for the first time that most everything you were told about the fairy tale of 'happy ever after' is a complete sham.

A total lie.

And that is understandable.

The most important things to know though if you are not fully through this stage yet, is that your life can get BETTER from knowing this.

You can unplug completely and really sit back, analyze, and enjoy the FREEDOM of now deciding what direction you want your life to go in now that YOU and only YOU are in charge.

You now have the freedom to make the choices you wanted to make, without living for someone else's timeline.

Think back to when you were a kid - back BEFORE you were bombarded with the hormones of puberty.

Think of the freedom and independence you used to have as you explored the world.

THAT is the fun of this new awakening.  Some men look at it as despair and gloom - 

But I chose to see the FREEDOM it provides.

And not to mention... once you learn the 'truth' you can still participate in the game if you so choose.  

And once you see it all as just a 'game' - you realize that games are meant to be fun and you can learn to have a lot more fun playing the 'game' of dating.

The future is bright




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