Bill Burr Explains Modern Feminism


This is Video 4 of Bill Burr and Bret Kreischer podcast where they discuss modern feminism, gender roles, and how this all plays out in their own relationships.

The way that Bill Burr sees it is that the feminists today will only argue about gender roles and things being 'oppressive' when it doesn't directly benefit them.

However - if there is a double standard that is unfair for men, the feminists will very rarely if ever acknowledge that point or bring it up.

Here is an example... many modern woman still expect the man to be the traditional breadwinner and bring home the finances/money.  If he isn't providing for her, then she doesn't want anything to do with him.

This is a fact of life that us men have accepted.

BUT - on the other hand - if a man wants a woman to be traditional and a stay-at-home wife or mother.  Or if a man wants a submissive woman that can cook and clean...

That is 'oppressive'.

Bill Burr also brought up a great point, if he was given the role of being the 'stay at home husband' he would be extremely successful at his job/role

He talked about if his wife was out there making all of the money and he was given the role of taking care of the house, cleaning, cooking, etc he wouldn't complain he would just do that job/role to the best of his ability.

He would have a clean home and food ready for dinner every night.

However... he knows that it won't matter because as he mentions, he just doesn't think women will ever be happy so they will find a way to complain one way or another.


hahahaha I enjoy me some Bill Burr.


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