Beware of Women with THIS Sick Mindset


When a woman today doesn't have a higher power to believe in, she will essentially start worshipping herself.  She will see herself as the 'be all end all' because of all the Simps in her life worshipping her.  If she has a mindset like that, GET OUT OF THERE FAST.

"Jesus saves... so do I"

This is a tough pill for some to swallow (especially women) but when a woman does not look up to a higher power, she tends to see herself literally as a 'Goddess' of some sort.

In the video above she wasn't into someone religious... a guy texted her 'jesus saves' and she replied with 'so do i'.

Guys, i'm not being dramatic when I say that some of these women truly feel like a Goddess.

Think about it, especially in today's world with social media and online dating apps, a woman can get an UNLIMITED amount of validation from the Simps and Betamon of the world.

If she doesn't have grounding and a root in believing in a higher power, it will actually go to her head.

The Simps that worship these women give them the confidence to believe they are legit 'Goddesses'.

Men that want to argue this with me are not taking the time to stop and critically think.


A woman gets BOMBARDED with compliments or sexual attention from men - and whether she likes the attention or not - IF SHE DOES NOT HAVE GROUNDING it will absolutely get to her head.

Be careful - this is what we call the Jezebel spirit and it has been out there warning us men since the beginning of the scriptures.

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