Are Women Today EVER Satisfied?


Are women today ever satisfied?

The general answer for this one is a resounding NO.  Of course there are exceptions.  But in general, modern women today never seem to be 'satisfied' in a relationship.

Now if you want to take the mainstream propaganda approach and put a big fat fake band-aid over this problem... you COULD say that it is mens fault because there just aren't any 'good men' left today.

But I think propaganda sucks and I don't appreciate it.

So I am going to give you the REAL reason most women today are never satisfied in relationships.


To put it simple, a woman's innate hypergamy is keeping her from being content


Remember that women have a biological survival mechanism 'software' running through their biology that makes them always want the highest status man that a woman believes she can attain.

That is okay.  That is fair.  That is biology.

I have no problem with that.

But the problem is that our culture and society don't understand this and with the whole 'feminist' movement and the 'sexual liberation' of women - things have gotten completely out of control.

Since women are able to get dates and sex EASILY because of online dating apps and technology today - it has TRICKED a woman's hypergamy.

Remember - inside of each woman is that software saying "I need to look for the highest status man that I can attain".

And now since the average woman can SLEEP AROUND or go on tons of dates with men - she BELIEVES that she can attain these men.

So deep inside of her, her hypergamy feels an urgency to 'find better'.

Once she feels she can 'attain' a man she sets herself up to find a higher status man.


What's the big problem?

These men that women are sleeping with or going on dates with... 

They aren't always actually 'attainable' like these women think.

A lot of these men were just looking for hook-ups with no intention of committing to these women.


BUT - in her mind - her hypergamy was tricked and therefor her standards of what type of man she feels she DESERVES is a lot higher than the REALITY of what type of man she can actually attain.

This leaves women like in the video above to make bad decisions and break up with men that are actually the best they are going to be able to do...

All because they think something BETTER is out there waiting for them.


If you take a step back and look around in todays dating culture and the mindset of many of the single women out there - you'll see how incredibly true and accurate this is.

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