Are 'All Women Like That' ? (AWALT)


In this video we are going to have some fun comparing modern women to bubble gum.  

The first reason:  Different Wrappers But the Same Core Ingredients

In todays world there are millions of different styles, clothing, makeup, and any number of ways for a woman to 'wrap herself' in.  

No matter the glamour or the flash, just remember, all women follow the same core biology.  

Meaning all women have hypergamy inside of them... which means that all women have certain core tendencies that ARE the same.

To men out there thinking they found a unicorn or someone 'special'

That very well may be true and I wish you the best of luck, but regardless, if you don't understand the core tendencies of women (such as hypergamy) you WILL get burned eventually.  

Reason 2 : Nobody Finds ABC Gum Appealing

ABC stands for Already Been Chewed.  And in the same way that no person wants to pick up and chew on ABC gum...

Men don't want to commit to women that have been 'chewed up' by a lot of different men.

Just like with bubble gum, any sane man would rather have a brand new piece fresh out of the package, rather than an already used up chewed up nastay ol ABC trash.

I think you can understand what I am alluding to.

The other reasons women are like bubble gum will be coming soon.




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