Alpha Seeds Beta Needs (Carole Baskin Edition)


We are breaking down two characters form the Tiger King series from Netflix... Carole Baskins and her husband Howard. In this video you are going to see how the 'Betamon' provider gets treated by women (Carole Baskin) in relationships.

What is the BetaMon?

One of the redpill truths that is revealed to men is the 'mating strategy' of most modern women.  This is the Alpha Seed vs Beta Need dynamic.

What this means is a woman usually will chase the fun, exciting 'Alpha' guy (think the bad boy or the 'player') during her younger years, and then when she can no longer compete for the attention from these 'Alpha' men (because of the younger women entering the dating scene) she will look for a 'Betamon' or a Beta Provider to 'settle' with and start the next chapter of her life.

Now - you reading this, whether man or woman, can decide for yourself how you feel about this whole 'Alpha Seed BetaMon Needs' life style that plays out time and time again in the dating scene-

BUT - 

Whatever your feelings are won't change the FACT that this is indeed what happens in most situations today.

And if you become the 'Betamon' provider like Harold Baskin's did in the video above, then you can expect to live a similar life with the same type of very minimal respect from your wife that Harold Baskin's gets from his wife.

Personally that sounds like a living nightmare, so I would rather warn men about these games and give you the option to level up your own 'game' and understanding of women so that you can start having CHOICES in the dating realm instead of having to just 'settle' for whatever scraps you can get.

I teach the entire OFFENSE and DEFENSE on how to not only thrive and attract more beautiful women into your life, but also how to arm yourself and not get played by learnign all of the uncomfortable truths about female nature.

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