A Positive Mindset Is Attractive To Women

It doesn't matter if up until this point in your life you have always been a "glass half-empty" type of man or not.  I am here to tell you, a positive mindset is one of the most attractive qualities to women.  

Just think about someone in your life that is annoyingly optimistic about everything.  You probably also realize that you enjoy being around them.  


You want women to think of time she spends with you in a positive light don't you?  I am that guy in my groups of friends that is 'annoyingly optimistic'.  







There are two ways to look at any situation...

No matter how small or big it seems to be, there are always two choices.  

  • You can be positive or be negative.  
  • Be happy or be sad.  
  • Feel good or feel bad. 

What do you choose?  It is always that simple.

Your house burns down?  Bummer. 

It happened – that cannot be changed, that is no longer in your control. 

What can you control? 

Your reaction, you can always control your reaction.








Your house burning down sucks.  No doubt. 
Guess what though, you are still alive, now
that is looking at the positive side of things. 

A close friend, family member, pet, or loved one dies? 

You can’t control that, you CAN control your reaction. 

They die – you could become depressed and live in denial about it.  Or – you realize it was such a blessing to have known them for whatever time you were able to.  That is choosing to react in a positive way

Women are attracted to a man that is emotionally disciplined enough to think before he reacts. 


She will know that she can always count on you to be calm and centered when something chaotic happens in her life. 

Remember: Feel good or feel bad – the choice is yours.


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