STOP Craving Her Praise and Validation


This video is going to dive deeper on the issue of why so many men have this internal 'need' to get praise and validation from women in their life.

Take a moment and think backwards in time.

During your youngest years, who did you MOST look for praise and validation from?

For MOST men, if you were raised in a traditional family, the fathers was gone at work and the mother was at home with the children.  Meaning you were probably looking for  praise and validation from your mother more often (because you were around her all day).

For MOST men, if you were raised by a single mother, who were you looking for praise and validation from?  Your mother.

During your youngest years of school, who did you get most of your praise and validation from?


For MOST men, in the early grades of school you probably had mostly female teachers.  Meaning during your impressionable years, you again looked for praise and validation from women.  


What does this mean?


It means that if you as a man have a hard time getting over that 'need' for praise and validation from women, it makes sense.

But most men don't even consider that this COULD be a factor or a problem - meaning that by simply bringing awareness to this, you may start to self-correct and get better at filling that 'void' by giving yourself praise and validation.

Of course there are other factors to this game of 'unplugging' from the Matrix, but it starts with becoming aware of why you may do some of the things you do.



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