Feminist claims "Men need to respect ALL women" | MGTOW


Back here at female dating strategies to cover this post...

"Men need to respect ALL women"

Okay so here we go back with some mainstream gibbly-goo GARBAGE advice from the feminists over at FDS on reddit.

In this post women are trying to say that men need to respect ALL women... regardless whether you are attracted to them or not... you just need to respect them.

Now - what I like to point out is simply this... if you told these same exact feminists from Female Dating Strategies this same exact message but swapped men and women - their little tiny bird brain would BLOW UP from being triggered.  

They would go crazy.

Think about it - telling these women exactly THIS

If a man told these women -

ALL of you women NEED to respect all men simply because they are a man.

Or you as a man if you went over to one of these crazy feminists and said "Hey I am a man so you NEED to respect me!"

You know these women would go crazy.

So just looking at this from a different perspective I already don't like it but even more than that, I think that RESPECT is something that is earned.

If you just say you should respect everyone JUST BECAUSE... then the actual word 'respect' means absolutely nothing.

Should you respect the criminal and thief?

Should you respect the abuser?

Should you respect the douchebag?


So for anyone to claim that ALL men or ALL women should instantly garner respect is just a total dum dum in my opinion.




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