Cardi B - WAP round table (TRASH) | Another Reason for MGTOW


This is a quick little round table from some of the female heroes of the new and 'empowering' music video for young women... WAP.

Spoiler alert... along with the disgusting music video this round table is also a big load of TRASH.

An actual quote from the female in this video is...

"Honestly I liberate a lot of hoes"

And that is exactly where we are at in society and culture at this point in time.  The fact that Apple music sponsored this video shows you how bad it has gotten.

The main lesson for men to take away from a video like this

Is that whatever 'traditional' or 'idealistic' thought you MAY have had about finding a woman and 'falling in love' and raising the perfect little family together...

Remember it takes TWO to tango.

And quite honestly most women today do not want your 'traditional' way.

You have been warned... do whatever you want with the advice.

But I suggest any man enroll into UnPlugged : Her Games Exposed to learn the very real TRUTH about female nature, dating, and relationships.

It's not the pill you WANT to take, but it is the pill you NEED to take in todays world.


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