5 Things Women Want In a Man

 If you have ever wondered what women are attracted to, or what girls want in a man, this is the article for you.  Although there are MANY things that can help make a woman like you, I will share the 5 things that are irresistible to women of all ages.  Let your Prince training begin.






 1) Women want a man that has an interesting life that she can be a part of:

Every man has parts of his life that are interesting, it is all about how you display this to a woman.

2) Women want a man that has goals in life:

They do not need to be financial goals or anything related to your job/career.  But she wants to see you have motivation in your life whether that be health goals, family goals, social goals, etc.






3) Women want a man that has compassion:

This does not mean a man that wears his feelings on his sleeve.  It means she needs to see that you care about something or someone other than yourself.  An example is a man that loves his dog... that shows that you have compassion for another living thing.

4) Women want a man that is true to himself:

What this means is that you are you all the time.  You don't apologize for your interests/hobbies/choices you make if you feel good about them.  She doesn't want you to change for her, she wants you to change for the good of your own life.

5) Women want a man that doesn't take himself too seriously:

Yes you should take your passion or your job seriously.  No you should not take your SELF too seriously.  So if you want to run up to a stranger and give them a high-5, DO IT.  Have some fun on your dates and in your life, and women will want to be a part of that fun.

 Keep improving.


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