THIS is Why Many Women will End Up Alone


Have you heard of the '6 Sixes' that women look for in a man?

Well - part of the reason women are going to end up ALONE in the end is because they date so many different men that they create completely unrealistic standards of the type of me that will actually COMMIT to them long term.

In this video we are going to dive into some of the statistics about why her expectations are completely unrealistic for what she 'expects' she should get in a boyfriend or husband.

The 6 'Sixes' in a Man that Women Want

1)  6-figure income

2)  600 Horse Power Car

3)  6-pack Abs

4)  6-months from Last Relationship

5)  6 feet tall

6)  6+ inches in the pants


Now in the video above I go through and breakdown some of the statistics about how unreasonable this expectation really is... but just to give you an idea, when women want a man that is 6-feet tall that is only 14% of men.  

Yet that is one of the classic lines many women point on their online dating app profiles as a 'requirement' that a man must be 6 feet or taller.

ONLY 14% of MEN


It only gets worse and worse when you combine that with the other 'standards' these modern women have.

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