3 Ways That Women Test Men


Here are 3 reasons that women will 'test' a man... and again when I say she will 'test' a man it isn't always conscious.  These can be CONSCIOUS or SUBCONSCIOUS but the idea is that based on how you answer you will either 'pass' her test and she will become more engaged and attracted to you...

Or you will not 'pass' her test and she will start to doubt you and continue to 'test' you more and more often to figure out whether she is interested or not.

Test #1 - Your Confidence or Masculine Frame

These will come up all of the time in everyday life, and the underlying question she will be trying to answer is

"Does this guy trust himself and his abilities"

Based on how you interact with her and the world around you, her question will be answered.


Test #2 - Your Options or Popularity Around Women

Why do women tend to fall for the 'players' or the 'womanizers' in the dating stage?

Well... if a woman KNOWS you are wanted by other women, your value will increase in her eyes.

Think about it when you are shopping for a new product to buy - you look at the reviews.

If there are a LOT of people that have purchased this product before, you typically come to the conclusion it must be a solid choice because everyone else was choosing to buy that product as well.

So - the men that become super clingy early on give off the exact OPPOSITE vibe - and they come off as desperate or a total loser.


Test #3 - Your Status / Ability to Provide

Of course it is natural for women to be attracted to men that have a lot of financial resources and/or connections because it gives her that feeling of 'security' knowing she (and her potential children) will be provided for long term.

But... this 3rd one doesn't necessarily mean you have to be 'rich' or own a lot of material things to be deemed 'high status' or 'able to provide'.

If a man has drive, determination, ambition, or even just a very charming or magnetic personality, that can give a woman the feeling that you WILL be able to provide eventually because she may trust that you will figure out a way to get things done.  

(which may help you realize why there are guys that can be deemed as total 'losers' in society - but are actually very good with women, and it is because they possess this kind of 'it' factor in their personality that gives her the feeling he will figure it out eventually)


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