20 Men Compete after 1 Mediocre Woman


20 men are competing after the attention and validation of 1 very mediocre woman. This should be good. Play along, would you still be alive with her standards or would you have been voted off based on what she said?

How long would you last?   (that's what she said)

Today we have Angie - a mediocre woman who dresses like an 80s high school age male.  

Her first criteria is this -

Criteria 1 - "If you are a Scorpio, go away"


That's right, if you have the horoscope of a Scorpio you don't meet Queen Angie's expectations.  And as you watch the video above you'll notice she even brags by saying "I'm not even into astrology either".

Yet... she LEADS with the horoscope requirement.  Bahaha.  

Either way, i'm a Sagittarius so I am still alive and well competing for our hobo-looking girl Angie here.

Criteria 2 - "If you aren't down to eat vegan food, you're out"

Her second criteria is bringing in the vegan diet.  Now I personally am a vegetarian so I have no problem with eating vegan food.  And quite honestly, this 'criteria' I can understand her wanting... but the horoscope one was complete garbage.  

Either way if you are NOT down for vegan food you lose.

Criteria 3 - "If you are not down to have sex on the beach, go away"

And we are right back to some absolutely nonsensical criteria.  Out of 3 requirements she has 2 that are just such terrible qualifiers.  She wants to eliminate all of the random men that she has just met that aren't down to have sex on the beach.

Me personally... I don't prefer sex on the beach (sandy and windy = way less fun than you think) but it wouldn't scare me off, so I am still alive.

Criteria 4 - "You must have brown eyes and brown or black hair"

Oh guys... ya gotta love todays modern women.  They could weigh 650 pounds and you as a man are not allowed to state that you want a woman that is 'in shape' or even just a healthy weight.  That is fatphobic and bodyshaming.

YET - this piece of garbage Angie will only accept brown eyed men.  

Gotta love our clown world.

But with that being said I DO have brown hair and brown eyes so it looks like I am in the final round here.

Anyone else make it to the end?

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